Precious Metal Alloys

Henrich & Denzel processes the precious metals platinum, gold and palladium, which are mixed (alloyed) with other metals for wedding ring and jewellery production, thereby attaining special characteristics. The more precious metal that there is in an alloy, the purer the alloy and the more exclusive the jewellery is. In our view, especially for engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery just the best is good enough. Alloys with a fine fraction of under 750/1000, are not offered in our assortment.


The purity is stamped in every ring

The type of precious metal used and its fineness can be recognized by the stamping in each ring manufactured by Henrich & Denzel. The number behind the material identification code (Pt for platinum, Au for gold) describe (in thousandths) the weight proportion of the pure metal on the jewellery composition. For example, of 1,000g of platinum composition 950g are pure platinum - i.e. 95% The remaining 5% of the composition consists of Wolfram, which is »mixed« with the platinum – that means homogeneously blended.

Platin – the most precious of all metals

Henrich & Denzel is one of the few jewellery manufacturers world-wide that prefers processing platinum with a purity of at least 950/1000. This purity grade of 95% ensures that jewellery made of platinum is hypoallergenic. People whose skin is normally very sensitive to many materials generally do not have any problems with platinum. Next to its high purity, platinum has other special qualities.

Platinum is very rarely found in nature – 30 times rarer than gold. From the mining of ore through to the extraction of pure platinum there are 150 complex working steps necessary. More than 99% of the extracted materials fall by the wayside. The extremely high melting point, durability and hardiness present a big challenge for processing.

Platinum is the first choice for jewellery pieces which are meant for eternity. For no other material is so enduring. Platinum is the expression of exclusivity and uniqueness - and therefore created for people who have the highest expectations of jewellery.

Henrich & Denzel platinum is special

In the production of wedding bands, Henrich & Denzel uses the composition Platinum-Wolfram, which in comparison to e.g. Platinum-Copper possesses a higher Vickers Hardness.

Platinum is through and through a white precious metal; i.e., compared with white gold, it is not ‘dyed’ with another metal or does not have to be coated with a layer of rhodium. Therefore, platinum wedding rings are of the highest quality and the longest lasting of all rings.

Gold - Warm Glow

At Henrich & Denzel only gold starting at a purity of 750/1000 up to a purity of 999/1000 is used. Just as with other raw materials, the origin of gold is also important to us. Therefore we support the “No Dirty Gold” campaign of Earthworks, which commits itself to the environmentally friendly and humane extraction of raw materials.

Gold is naturally yellow

For manufacturing gold wedding rings copper and silver is alloyed with the gold. The less copper there is in the alloy the darker yellow the ring is. The most valuable gold alloy is Gold 999 (24 k gold), also known as finegold.

Fine Gold

Fine gold, also called gold 999 or gold 24 carat is the purest gold that can be found. A total of 99,99 % is pure gold whereby the wedding bands of fine gold present something very special. The uniqueness is also shown in the fact that nowadays fine gold is only used very rarely in jewellery design.

For conventional and mechanical processing this precious metal is too soft. This exceptional material can only be formed by a qualified goldsmith into wedding bands and therefore is individually made for you. At the combinations of platinum and fine gold the strong and tough platinum protects the soft fine gold in the inside of the ring.

White Gold and Grey Gold

At Henrich & Denzel white gold is alloyed with palladium, which is gentler on skin than other added metals, and this provides the grey white color. Hence, it is also known as grey gold. If a lighter color wants to be attained, the grey gold has to be coated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium coated rings are defined as white gold rings. Rhodium can be worn away and with time the darker shade of grey can appear.