Special manufacturing processes

Before rings become a piece of eternity, they have to go through a complex finishing process.

Wedding rings by Henrich & Denzel are seamless and manufactured using a special procedure. Thereby, a very fine-grained and homogenous material structure is attained.

Everything starts with the blank - not soldered but made out of one piece of tube and therefore without any gaps. Seamless rings are exactly that – without seams, which can become discolored or interfere with wearing comfort. They have no beginning, they have no end - the symbol for endless love.

The rings are mechanically shaped under high pressure, pressed and rolled. Depending on the model there are different methods, therefore every ring is individually manufactured. However, the principle is always the same: When shaping, the material structure of the rings is compressed until the desired compression level is reached. Just like a snowball that is firmly pressed together, the crystal structure changes - snow becomes ice. With the rings however, this change is not noticeable – only their “inner value” changes. The metal structure is much harder and durable than before. Highly compressed, mechanically shaped rings are therefore far less susceptible to flaws, scratching or scuffing.